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Processing times

Due to corona, there are delays in processing at the citizens’ offices. Our service can still be maintained. We are also prepared for a tightening of measures and can maintain our service.

Our processing times:

  • New orders: we send the documents normally within 24-36 hrs (Mo-Fri) after purchase to the relevant citizen’s office (as far as all necessary documents / signatures are available).
  • Ongoing cases: we reply normally within 24-36 hrs (Mo-Fri)
  • Upload your deregistration confirmation: as soon as we receivce the documents we upload a digital copy. If you have not received an answer from us / the citizen’s office within 6 weeks after your request has been processed by us, please contact us immediately in your ticket.
  • Support with cancellations and other services: due to the individuality of each case, we currently need about one week for processing.
  • Sending documents abroad: we reduce our personal visits to the post office to; we send documents 1-2x times per month (end/beginning + mid of the month)

After we sent your documents to the citizen office your case will be processed there. We have no influence on processing times.
We have written a post about the Processing times of the citizen’s offices in Germany for deregistration of residence.